Our manufacturing plants in Asia and Eastern Europe are ISO certified and are fully vertically integrated, beginning with the processing of basic chemicals, polymers and raw materials through the transformation of these into tapes and woven fabrics to the finished products. This vertical integration combined with our experience, expertise and state-of-the-art technology enables us to offer you the best possible quality and to have full control of the production. Thanks to our flexibility we are able to respond fast to the market demand.



Production Asia (India)

Hello! Welcome to India.
We started the production of tarpaulins 1995 and the production of the woodcovers early 2013. The woodcovers are made from a strong PP woven fabric, coated on both sides (mainly white/black) and are sold worldwide. Presently we produce only fabric on rolls but the production of the tailor-made hoods is scheduled current 2016.



Production Eastern Europe (Ukraine)

Hello! Welcome in the Ukraine!
The factory is located in the western part of the Ukraine. The woodcover production started in the late 1990’s. The woodcovers are made from a strong PP woven fabric, grey colour, 1 side coated in white. We are mainly producing tailor-made-hoods.


  • Granule


    everything starts with a PP granule…
  • Extrusion


    out of the granule we extrude a film out of which tapes are produced
  • Weaving


    the tapes are winded on bobbins and build the warp and the weft tapes for the weaving of the fabric
  • Coating


    the woven fabric goes through the coating line
  • Print


    the coated fabric is printed according to your layout
  • Finished Products

    Finished Products

    the finished product on rolls are packed on pallets



Stages of production


Tape extrusion

Tape extrusion

   Tape Denier checking and variation control

   Tape Tensile testing

   Tape Elongation

Circular weaving

Circular weaving

   Fabric fault flagging

   Fabric Tensile strength and elongation testing

   Fabric Continuous width variation control

Extrusion lamination

Extrusion lamination

   Adhesive tape testing (bonding strength test)

   Water penetration testing

   UV Testing (on special request)

   Tensile and elongation testing

   Re winding an Re-rolling

Re-rolling / C. Folding

Re-rolling / C. Folding

   Light aided manual inspection

Cutting, stitching and heat sealing

Cutting, stitching and heat sealing

   Centre joint strength testing

   Light aided manual inspection and production





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