TecPac has investments/exclusive manufacturing agreements in vertically fully integrated factories in order to offer you the best possible quality.
You will appreciate our tight weave, the superb coating quality and the sharp print. Combined with the extended UV protection in fabric, coating and printing inks theTecPac woodcovers are the ideal protection for your lumber.



The TecPac woodcovers are available in many different sizes and widths, either as tailor made hoods or on rolls


Tailor-made hoods

Tailor-made hoods

If certain sizes of lumber packs are most standard in your production you might be interested in TecPac tailor-made hoods. Over the years we have sold millions of hoods mainly to the Scandinavian market.

TecPac hoods are available in different sizes. We can design them according to your requirements. Give it a try: once you have started to use this kind of packaging you will never go back, like all our customers who are already using hoods. Your staff and your customers will love this packaging!

Video: Workflow with tailormade-hoods


Your advantages:

  • Your staff will love them.The hoods are easy and fast to put on.
  • You don’t need to fold and staple the fabric, therefore you save time and materials
  • The hoods are weather-proof and resist to tough weather and handling conditions
  • Your customers will love the hoods
  • You reduce the CO2 footprint since you have less material



Advantages for your customers:

  • The lumber remains clean and protected up to the last piece in the pallet
  • The hood can be put on and off as many times as needed



Fabric on rolls

Fabric on rolls

If you need flexibility in your packaging unit the fabric on rolls is your choice no. 1.


Your advantages:

  • If you have many different dimensions in your production or special customer sizes the fabric on rolls will give you the necessary flexibility in your packaging unit
  • Thanks to the tight weave our fabric on rolls are weather-proof and very resistant to tough weather and handling conditions
  • Keeping control of your stock levels and making inventories are a fast procedure with our fabric on rolls

The roll sizes are setup according to your requirements and you can choose between a layflat 1 or a C-fold 2 winding.

Each roll is marked with a unique number for full traceability.

We usually use paper cores for environmental reasons. Should you need, however, a stronger core due to your dispensing equipments (e.g. clamping tools), we can wind the fabric on plastic cores made of reprocessed PE/PP material.

layflat 1:means that the fabric width = the roll width

C-fold 2: on request we can fold the fabric on each side to reduce the width of the rolls and therefore the space required for transport and storage or for dispensing.


Open c-fold graphik



  • RF threads: We can produce the fabric with reinforcement threads on both edges of the fabric.
  • Antislip: If you have any slip resistance requirement because you need to be in compliance with the regulations in your country, or because you wish to reduce the risks of accidents , ask for our antislip fabric! It is tested and approved according to SIS/TS 12:2006 in Sweden.
  • Print: Because we are aware that the marking on the woodcovers is the best advertisement of our customers‘ corporate names, we offer a superior print quality up to 4 colours. We use only inks with the highest available light fastness in order to obtain long lasting sharp and bright markings.
  • PP woven fabric: The fabric is available in different sizes, weave and weight whatever suits best to your requirements.


General specifications

Origin India: Natural col, 80g

  • PP woven fabric, natural col
  • 2 sides coated (mainly white/black)
  • repeated or continuour print up to 4 col
  • weight 80 g GSM
  • on rolls
  • UV stabilized

The black coating on one side protects the timber from bleaching by preventing the sun's harmful rays to go through. Also it reduces the heat accumulation which could cause mould development.

The production of tailor-made hoods is scheduled for 2016


Origin Ukraine: Grey col, 90g

  • PP woven fabric, grey col
  • 1 side coated, white
  • repeated print up to 3 col
  • average 90 g GSM
  • woodcover on rolls or as tailor-made-hoods
  • UV stabilized

the plant has specialized in the manufacture of tailor-made hoods packed on pallets sold all over Europe, mainly to the Scandinavian market.





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