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Our woodcovers offer a high protection to your lumber because:


  • It is stronger than PE extruded film or PE material.
  • The superior weave coverage and coating quality makes the cover safe
  • Thanks to the extended UV resistance our fabric is ideal for a long-term storage.



In our ISO certified factories we have implemented an internal Quality Management System (QMS) which records all production reports and enables us to offer a full traceability from extrusion to the finished products. Therefore any issue can be traced back to its roots cause.

Each and every roll that you receive bears a unique number as identification so that we can trace it back very easily!

Woodcover (lumber wrap) Roll with unique number as identificationn for tracing


Quality Control (QC)

Our 24 hours dedicated staff for quality control (QC) make strict quality checks during the production. In our in-house laboratories we can perform all relevant tests on tensile strength, tear resistance, elongation, UV resistance, water leak pressure testing and therefore we can react fast when issues are identified and risks assessed.

test on woodcover (lumber wrap) woven fabric resistance
test on woodcover (lumber wrap) woven fabric resistance

test woodcover (lumber wrap) woven anti-slip
anti-slip-test on woodcover (lumber wrap) woven fabric


Trapezoidal tear strength

ASTM D 4533 FH/mm [N/mm] FH [N] FW/mm [N/mm] FW [N]
  x (s) x (s) x (s) x (s)
MD 1160,6  1949,1 103,65  225,4 757,1  1334,8 65,61  154,4
CD 1323,6  1814,4 123,79  216,5 795,7  1294,2 74,32  154,6
OFI - Austrian Test Institute   Factory India      Factory Ukraine

Trapezoidal tear strength: The trapezoid tear method is a test that produces tension along a reasonably defined course such that the tear propagates across the width of the specimen. The trapezoid tearing strength for woven fabrics is determined primarily by the properties of the yarns that are gripped in the clamps. The trapezoid tearing strength method is useful for estimating the relative tear resistance of different fabrics or different directions in the same fabric


Tensile grab strength

ASTM D 751 Procedure A Tensile strength σM [Mpa] Fmax [N] Elongation at tensile strength εM [%]
  x (s) x (s) x (s)
MD 71,30  77,52 693,1  933,4 12,2  10,8
CD 75,07  77,19 680,1  938,5 12,4  11,6
OFI - Austrian Test Institute   Factory India      Factory Ukraine

Tensile grab strength: The grab test procedure determines the effective strength of the fabric; that is, the strength of the yarns in a specific width together with the fabric assistance from the adjacent yarns.


Mullen burst

ASTM D 751 Bursting strength P [kPa]
  x (s)
outer side 1167  1455
inner side 1146  1472
OFI - Austrian Test Institute   Factory India      Factory Ukraine

Mullen burst: Measurement of the resistance of textile fabrics to bursting using a hydraulic or pneumatic diaphragm bursting tester.






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