Made out of a strong polyethylene woven fabric, double side coated, on rolls or as finished sheets with eyelets every metre and double edged rope reinforced hems, available in different sizes , colours and qualities depending on the application.


We can offer 4 standard qualities:

Thanks to our weaving facilities (3,65 m width) our tarps show less joints than the usual tarps on the market.



If you are looking for a temporary protection against water, dirt or weather influences indoors or outdoors, then our type COMMERCIAL is the right tarp for you. It is available in various sizes and colours.

General specifications:

  • made from virgin HDPE/LDPE materials with calcium
  • eyelets every metre
  • weight 70g/m²
  • 7x8 weave
  • Blue, Black, white, yellow
  • no UV
  • upto 8 meters
  • 8-12 months under shade or warehouse

Some applications:

  • protection of garden furniture
  • protection of floor or furniture during renovation or refurbishment
  • children playsheet
  • gardening work
  • camping
  • temporary shelters


our planet is facing a lot of environmental problems piling up high around us. One of these problems is the soil pollution which is mainly caused by industrial waste. Every year billions of tons of plastic are manufactured from crude oil. Since plastic never degrades into the soil nor evaporates, this is a major cause of pollution. We want therefore to participate in the politic of waste reduction and offer a tarpaulin quality which is made from 80% reprocessed materials.
Our Eco Friendly tarps are not only cheap but also thanks to our strict quality standards and the controlled use of only approved reprocessed materials, they have a very good tensile and elongation strength and almost all the characteristics of virgin products. By using our Eco Friendly Tarps you will help our planet by reducing the production of new plastic.

General specifications:

  • made from reprocessed materials (80%)
  • eyelets every metre
  • weight 150 g/m²
  • weave
  • colours available:
  • shelf-life abt 5-6 months in Europe
  • no UV
  • upto 20 meters

Some applications:

  • temporary shelters and protection
  • Ground covers


Our PREMIUM tarps offer strong, durable and economical packaging for a wide range of industrial & commercial applications, goods and commodities. They are resistant to chemicals. They are made from high-density polyethylene fabrics in tape width of 2.9 inches and are available in sizes of 6, 8, 10 and 12 feet, coated or uncoated.

General specifications:

  • made from high densitity HDPE materials
  • eyelets every metre
  • weight 120-200 gsm
  • 10x10 or 12x14 weave
  • UV stable
  • as per requirement
  • more then 2 years under shade
  • sizes available: 6, 8, 10 and 12 feet
  • coated or uncoated

Some applications:

  • truck covers and railway wagons
  • agriculture (e.g. hay bales)
  • boat covers
  • industrial outdoor storage
  • machinery covers


Our PP tarps are strong, durable and economical. They are light and easy to handle and can be an interesting alternative to the Premium quality.

General specifications:

  • made from PP woven material
  • weight 80 g/m²
  • UV stable
  • weave 8x8
  • coated on 2 sides
  • shelf-life abt 12-18 months
  • on rolls or finished sheets with eyelets every metre
  • colours available: black/white
  • different sizes available

Some applications:

  • agriculture
  • industrial outdoor storage
  • machinery covers
  • long term storage






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